About Membership in CSTA
Connecticut Science Teachers Association is a member organization for those who learn, teach and support science in the state of Connecticut. Our members include science teachers and teachers of science---from elementary teachers to college science faculty. We have members in public schools, private schools and parochial schools. We have members who work in informal science education in science centers and nature centers. We have "friends of science" who join to support all of the rest of our members. Members are in all stages of their professional life, from preservice education students, to active professionals, to retirees. Nearly 500 members strong, CSTA is the voice of science teaching in the state. We are you. We welcome all to join.
  • From conferences to workshop, science socials to fieldtrips and beyond
  • Communications and networking, newsletters and the Connecticut Journal of Science Education
  • Resources on the website, including members-only sections
  • Awards and recognitions, and minigrants to enrich your classroom teaching

How do I become a CSTA member?

If you like what you see, we have great news! Our new website makes it easier than ever to become a member of the CSTA!

          You can mail in your check. Click Here to Download & View our Membership Brochure

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