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NGSS in Connecticut

On this page we have posted resources available as you look to improve your teaching with NGSS.  The resources provided here are general but offer good information.  

Members!    You have access to our NGSS Resource Clearing House.   These resources are current and continually updated.   

Web Resources

  • New! NGSS Assessment ToolsThis site is designed to facilitate development and sharing of classroom NGSS assessment items and item clusters (groups of items associated with same phenomenon)
  • NSTA NGSS Hub - The National Science Teachers Hub contains many videos, archived webinars, and resources for moving into NGSS. Many of the resources are free to all, some to members only.  
  • NGSS Unit Planning Template This unit planning template was developed in alignment with Stroupe and Windschitl’s (2015) framework for Ambitious Science Teaching that focuses on “1) planning a unit around a “big science idea”, 2) eliciting and activating students’ ideas about a puzzling phenomenon (for the purpose of adapting instruction), 3) helping students make sense of science activities, and 4) pressing students to construct evidence-based explanations” (p. 1). ‚Äč
  • Phenomena for NGSS - TJ McKenna's site that explains the reasons for phenomena and has many examples to use in the development of your lessons.
  • Next Generation Assessments - This site is being developed with some tasks available. 
  • NGSS Lesson Screener Users who are familiar with the EQuIP Rubric will recognize some familiar criteria. However, the NGSS Lesson Screener has fewer criteria because the intended purpose is different and smaller in scope—it is only for lessons and not for units, and it is not intended to fully evaluate and score lessons.
  • STEM Teaching Tools - Research-based handouts for STEM and NGSS
  • Elementary ELA Resources - Check out these elementary books that compliment the NGSS Standards.

Check out these resources!

  • OpenSciEd - Free, high quality science instructional resources. The OpenSciEd materials include Teacher and Student materials for each instructional unit in addition to the corresponding professional learning materials designed to support the use of the units. Each unit fits within a Scope and Sequence that provides coherence within and across years.
  • STEM Teaching Tools The STEM Teaching Tools site has tools that can help you teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We are currently focused on supporting the teaching of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)Each tool is focused on a specific issue and leverages the best knowledge from research and practice. 

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