Professional Development for Teachers
There are wonderful opportunities for teachers to learn science, spread their wings, fly, swim, sail, and hike. Permission to be a "lab rat'? Here! Permission to scale the Andes or sail the oceans? Here! The following listing includes programs that some Connecticut teachers have participated in. If you know of more, have experienced them, or just dream of them, contact us at
2015-2016 School Year

Mickelson Exxon Teachers Academy
Professional Development program for grade 3-5 math and science teachers in the area of force and motion and the math skills that support the science concepts.  Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NY.  Travel, lodging and meals are paid.  Workshop will be in July.  Apply by November 20, 2015

Albert Einstein Fellowship program
Science and math educators are placed in federal programs or a Congressional office for eleven months in the Washington, DC area. A stipend, housing allowance and budget is included.
   Appy by November 19, 2015

Honeywell Space Academy
          Attend Space Camp!!  Enough said...       Applications due on January 4, 2016 for the summer of 2016.  Dates of camp are June 8 - 14, and June 15 - 21

Summer and Live from the Field fellowships The Live from the Field fellowship is during the school year and you are communicating with your class during the trip. Sites are national and international. Applications are due in the fall.
CSET - Center to Support Excellence in Teaching
Fully funded two-year fellowship for high school teachers (math, science, history, English) from across the US with 2-7 years of teaching experience.  All expenses paid, stipend included. and experience high-quality PD with Stanford University faculty. 

Join the 2016 JASON Argonaut Team
Eager to communicate your science knowledge spending 3-10 days working with scientists in the field?  JASON Learning is looking for science teachers to send on one of their expeditions.  Applications are due by January 15, 2016. 

2014-2015 School Year

Honeywell Educators Green Boot Camp

June 21 -25, 2015,  San Diego, CA  

Learn and develop sustainability lessons to use in the classroom. Applications are due March 20, 2015     

National WWII Museum in New Orleans

Middle school science teachers, grades 5-8, will experience hands on STEM content at the museum and the Advanced Materials Research Institute at the University of New Orleans. Supported through a grant from Northrup Grumman Foundation.  Applications are due March 6, 2015.  Seminar is July 19-24, 2015

Project Atmosphere

AMS/NOAA Workshop for Precollege Teachers of Atmospheric Sciences Topics.  Offered July 12 -24, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Applications are due on March 20, 2015.

San Diego Institute for Conservation Research
Study the techniques of conservation and camp at the San Diego Wildlife Park in Escondido, CA.  Multiple dates throughout the summer.  Applications are due on March 20, 2015.  
Teacher at Sea
Work on a NOAA vessel with scientists in many different areas of research. Application in the fall.

Maury Project
Offered in the summer in Annapolis, Maryland by the American Meteorological Society. Teachers participate in sessions on ocean science and lead peer training sessions when they return to their home districts. Applications are due March 20, 2015