About Summer Fun for Teachers
Summer school is not just for your students. There are wonderful opportunities for teachers to learn science, spread their wings, fly, swim, sail, and hike. Permission to be a "lab rat'? Here! Permission to scale the Andes or sail the oceans? Here! The following listing includes programs that some Connecticut teachers have participated in. If you know of more, have experienced them, or just dream of them, contact us at info@csta-us.org
Honeywell Educators at Space Academy
Scholarship program for middle school science and math teachers. Tuition for 5-day Space Academy program at U.S. Space Camp, round trip airfare, meals and program materials. Application is due on December 31, 2011. http://www.spacecamp.com/educators/honeywell/ Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
NASA Endeavor Cohort
Become an NASA Endeavor Fellow and earn a STEM education certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University and graduate credits from US Universities. Application is due on October 15, 2011 http://www.us-satellite.net/endeavor/about.cfm Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
School of Rock
Ocean Leadership The School of Rock is a week-long workshop that explains the science behind sediment core drilling in the ocean. There are also opportunities for educators to sail on the JOIDES Resolution. http://www.oceanleadership.org/education/deep-earth-academy/educators/school-of-rock/2010-school-of-rock/or http://joidesresolution.org/ Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program 
Teacher/researcher program for Polar regions. Accepts approximately 10 teachers each year, either for the Arctic or Antarctica. Applications are due on September 30. polartrec.com
The Keystone Center for Environmental Change
Key Issues Interdisciplinary program for middle school teachers. Participants will learn how to bring this current issues-based curriculum back to their students http://www.keystone.org/cfe/pel/services/key-issues Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
Northop Grumman Weightless Wings of Discovery Program
Take part in a one day workshop and develop an experiment to demonstrate on a zero gravity flight - and you get to do it on a flight. http://www.northropgrumman.com/goweightless/ Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
Summer and Live from the Field fellowships The Live from the Field fellowship is during the school year and you are communicating with your class during the trip. Sites are national and international. http://www.earthwatch.org/aboutus/education Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
HEA Heliophysics Education Ambassadors
Adler Planetarium. Learn about the Sun/Earth relationships with NASA and Solar Scientists. Use the concepts in the classroom using the GEMS curriculum. http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/HEA/index.html Connecticut Teacher Louise McMinn has participated in this program
Toyota International Teacher Program
Toyota sponsors trips to the Galapagos, Costa Rica and other sites. http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Toyota-International-Teacher-Program
Teacher at Sea
Work on a NOAA vessel with scientists in many different areas of research. Application will come out on October 1, 2011 http://teacheratsea.noaa.gov/
Maury Project
Offered in the summer in Annapolis, Maryland by the American Meteorological Society. Teachers participate in sessions on ocean science and lead peer training sessions when they return to their home districts. http://www.ametsoc.org/amsedu/maury/
Albert Einstein Fellowship program
Science and math educators are placed in federal programs or a Congressional office for eleven months in the Washington, DC area. A stipend, housing allowance and budget is included. http://science.energy.gov/wdts/einstein/
Mickelson Exxon Teachers Academy
Professional Development program for grade 3-6 math and science teachers in the area of force and motion and the math skills that support the science concepts. The week-long program will be offered in Jersey City, New Jersey (Liberty Science Center); Houston, Texas; and New Orleans, Louisiana in 2011. Applications for New Jersey are due on October 31, 2011. Travel, room, and meals are included. http://mickelson.nsta.org/home
FDA/NSTA Food Science Program
Selected middle school and high school teachers will tour FDA laboratories and research sites and learn the science of food safety while reviewing the Science and Our Food Supply curriculum kit. http://www.teachfoodscience.com/applynow.cfm